HCNA Hydrant Tight®

The HCNA Hydrant Tight® leak detection system provides a fixed, automated factory assembled and tested leak detection system for tightness testing DOD hydrant systems. The system consists primarily of an HCNA Hydrant Tight® Panel to be located in the Pumphouse Control Room. The Hydrant Tight® Panel contains an operator interface HIU and PLC which will interface with the existing Hydrant System PLC to establish the system dual pressure conditions required during the tightness testing program. The Hydrant Tight® Panel also connects to an installed pressure transmitter which provides the pressure data during leak detection testing.

The identified Hydrant Loop piping segments are tested as one section during a single 45-minute test period. The HCNA Hydrant Tight® leak detection system interfaces with the installed Hydrant Fuel System Control and Annunciation System (HFSCAS). The HFSCAS controls the valves to enclose the Hydrant Loop test sections before the leak detection test begins and reopens these valves once the test is complete. To establish the dual pressures required during testing, the designated Pumphouse hydrant valves along with the installed leak detection hydrant loop bypass pressurization/depressurization valve are controlled by the Hydrant System PLC and sequenced by command from the HCNA Hydrant Tight® Leak Detection System PLC.

The operator initiates the test by pressing a button on the HCNA Hydrant Tight® HIU panel. No operator action or input will be required once the test is initiated. Once the test is complete, the test results are automatically generated by the HCNA Hydrant Tight® software package.

HCNA Hydrant Tight® Locations: