Permanent HCNA LDS

The permanent HCNA LDS installation offers the highest degree of automation. This permanent installation is integrated into the customers fueling system. Daily, fully automated, concurrent multiple segment leak tests of the entire fuel system can be conducted in less than 45 minutes. The permanent installation minimizes operational and maintenance costs and is preferred by operators. Once part of the fuel system, the HCNA-LDS can work as a primary control system or as a secondary, redundant back-up control system for monitoring.

Installations of permanent HCNA LDS systems begin with system design and manufacturing and continue through installation, commissioning, and maintenance of systems specific to each unique site requirement. Once installations are commissioned, HCNA provides on-going support, providing annual certification and maintenance of the leak detection system, including testing to comply with federal, state and local regulations.

Permanent HCNA LDS Locations: