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Hansa Consult of North America, LLC provides the HCNA Leak Detection System (HCNA LDS) for pressurized fuel piping. It is ideally suited for pipeline leak detection of complex installations such as airport hydrant fueling systems, transfer lines, and medium to large tank farm piping systems. It is easily installed on existing fuel systems.

HCNA LDS can be applied in a variety of ways to satisfy unique customer compliance requirements:

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Permanent HCNA LDS

The permanent HCNA LDS installation offers the highest degree of automation. This permanent installation is integrated into the customers fueling system. Daily, fully automated, concurrent multiple segment leak tests of the entire fuel system can be conducted in less than 45 minutes. The permanent installation minimizes operational and maintenance costs and is preferred by operators. Once part of the fuel system, the HCNA-LDS can work as a primary control system or as a secondary, redundant back-up control system for monitoring.

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HCNA Hydrant Tight®

The HCNA Hydrant Tight® system is a unique application designed specifically for United States Air Force Hydrant fueling systems. It is a permanently installed module that is incorporated into the Type III/IV Hydrant system and provides automated and sensitive leak detection of the entire hydrant loop piping.

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Mobile (Point-in-Time) Testing

HCNA LDS Trailer Unit
The HCNA LDS Trailer unit is designed for situations requiring a maximum degree of flexibility and mobility to conduct leak detection tests. It is ideal for point-in-time leak detection testing and can be provided as a service or as equipment for the customer to operate. Everything required for conducting a HCNA-LDS tightness testing is mounted on a mobile trailer.

HCNA LDS Suitcase
The HCNA LDS Suitcase service is especially designed to minimize investment costs and to enable customers to check their systems immediately upon request even in remote areas. It is ideal for remote locations requiring point-in-time leak detection testing. The HCNA LDS Suitcase option is provided as a service only and requires some support by the customer. It is the quickest, most sensitive, and least expensive pipeline leak detection service in the industry.

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Pipeline Stress Test

Using the LDS Trailer Unit, Pipeline Stress Tests can be conducted periodically to ensure the integrity of the pipeline system including gaskets, flanges, etc. The Pipeline Stress Test combines traditional Pressure Stress testing with HCNA LDS tightness testing. This saves considerable time and money over traditional hydrostatic testing and yields a better picture of the integrity of the piping system tested.

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